How to start with your first MVC application

Just added a walktrough about how to create your first MVC application and some additional information about the MVC pattern.

Reading: Pro JavaScript for Web Apps (Adam Freeman)

I would recommend reading this book which was written by Adam Freeman.

 "This is my 15th book about technology, and to mark this, Apress asked me to do something different: share the tools, tricks, and techniques that I use to create complex client-side web apps. The result is something that is more personal, informal, and eclectic than my regular work. I show you how to take industrial-strength development concepts from server-side development and apply them to the browser. By using these techniques, you can build web apps that are easier to write, are easier to maintain, and offer better and richer functionality to your users."


Reading: Pro ASP.Net MVC4

I would recommend reading this book which was partially written by Steve Sanderson, who is a great speaker and writer. Definatelly worth reading.

A new beginning

Started this new blog, not sure if the old content will be migrated. Aim is to collect anything related to the .Net framework and share knowledge.

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